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Friday May 13th is going to be the second ‘Dialogue Free Comics Day’, so it’s time to get your brains thinking visually. Too often, when writing my webcomics (Milton’s Life and  DJ Bogtrotter), I forget that this is primarily a visual artform and so to emphasise that, I’ve set myself the challenge of posting a dialogue free comic on that day and I’d like you to join me. If you don’t post on a Friday, then just make it whatever day is nearest, as long as it’s before Friday 13th. I will link to the webcomics that have joined in, tweet about their involvement and, on the day, advertise it on the blog beneath my comic. If you do the same, it’ll be a fun way for us to promote each other’s webcomics.

If you want to join in just email me at noel@miltonslife.com or leave your details in the comments section. Please list your webcomic and the day that you’ll be posting your dialogue-free comic. I will email anyone who has signed up nearer the date to remind them.


Noel Curry

P.S. It is allowed to have text on signs or sound effects in the comic, but extra kudos will be given to those who keep their comics completely letter free.


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20 responses to “A Second Year

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  1. I think I will give this a try on May 13 on http://www.lifeon66.com Always love a good challenge.

  2. I think I’ll post my entry on or May 12 or 13 at http://crazymetro.smackjeeves.com/comics/ 😀

  3. Finished mine. Will post Wed the 11th

  4. I’m back for year 2.In fact I’ve been trying to do more dialogue free comics in my regular stories as well.

  5. I’ll give it a go!

  6. I’ll see what I can do. My story could work with a dialogue free strip this Friday, I’ll e-mail if I pull it off.

  7. This is a great idea. I’ll try to come up with something for this day.

  8. By happy coincidence, tomorrow’s weekly update of Electric Puppet Theatre is the first of a six page dialogue-free sequence.

    The update will be at http://eptcomic.com/cgi-bin/comic.cgi?volume=1&issue=1&page=10

  9. I’ve only just found out about Dialogue Free Comics Day, but I posted this on Tuesday. If I’d known earlier I would have held it back for Friday’s comic instead.


    I’ll see if I can think of a part 2 that’ll work.

  10. It’s May 13 here! And here’s the link to my contribution!
    My dialogue free comic is under the regular post. Have a great dialogue free day everyone! Even though it IS Friday the 13th! 🙂

  11. Okay, I did get a new ‘Dialogue Free Comic’ done for tomorrow:

    Again, thanks for doing this, great idea!

  12. My Dialogue Free Comic goes up in 90 minutes at http://www.haintedholler.com

  13. Ebb’s Children has a new dialogue free comic up for today! http://ebb.comicostrich.com/comic.php?cdate=20110513

  14. My comic “Just Popped in There has just posted my ‘Dialogue free comics day” comic! http://justpopcomic.hoboandbowser.net/2011/05/13/two-step/

  15. My comic for today, Friday May 13th, just so happens to be dialogue free. It isn’t a stand alone as it is highly dependent on the comic from May 14th 2010 to make sense as it’s a callback.


  16. Finally made it on time before the day ends

    Happy Friday the 13th XD

  17. Finally got this one up a few minutes ago. Whether or not it counts as dialogue free depends on how you class beeping and clicking.


  18. today is 13th of May. hey, here’s the link!


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