The Entries – 2012   8 comments

Here are the entries for 2012. If you’ve got one of your own, just add a link to it to the comments section and I’ll add it in.

Aedre’s Firefly

Bearman Cartoons


Callous Comics

Comic Action Role-Play

Cowbirds In Love

Crowbar Benson

Daily Grind

DJ Bogtrotter

Dungeon Legacy

This is page one of a four page stroy. Click the image to read the rest.

Edgar R McHerly

Epic Fail

History Twins


Life… After Death

Mike and Mindy

Milton’s Life

Minimate Theatre



Short Attention Span


Zombie Boy


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8 responses to “The Entries – 2012

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  2. Here’s mine, it’s called ‘Paladin Baiting’ –

  3. All looking great.

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  5. Hi. My name is Francesca. I’m 11 years old and do a weekly webcomic. Here is my toon for dialog free comic day.

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  7. really impressive work. thanks for the stuff.

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