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Dear All,

For no reason other than I felt like it really, I’ve decided that Friday May 14th 2010 is going to be the inaugural “Dialogue Free Comics Day”. Too often, when writing my webcomic (DJ Bogtrotter), I forget that this is primarily a visual artform and so to emphasise that, I’ve set myself the challenge of posting a dialogue free comic on that day and I’d like you to join me. If you don’t post on a Friday, then just make it whatever day is nearest, as long as it’s before Friday 14th, I will link to the webcomics that have joined in, tweet about their involvement and, on the day, advertise it on the blog beneath my comic. If you do the same, it’ll be a fun way for us to promote each other’s webcomics.

If you want to join in just email me at or leave your details in the comments section. Please list your webcomic and the day that you’ll be posting your dialogue-free comic. I will email anyone who has signed up nearer the date to remind them.


Noel Curry

P.S. It is allowed to have text on signs or sound effects in the comic, but extra kudos will be given to those who keep their comics completely letter free.

Here are a couple of examples from other webcomics who often do dialogue free comics.

Space Avalanche

And Optipess


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32 responses to “Fancy joining in?

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  1. This sounds like fun!

  2. I know I am way early but I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun given the week I had.

  3. I will be joining in this endeavor. Booyaaaah.

  4. I love a challenge. I think I’ve probably drawn about 5 dialogue free comics ever.

    I’m in.

  5. Interfarce hates dialogue, Interfarce is in.

  6. Oh, I should be able to do this!

  7. I am bad with words so this is perfect for me!

  8. I’ll give it a go with Hainted Holler @

  9. I’m in – will post on the 14th as suggested 🙂

  10. is on board! (twitter: @stalebacon)

  11. I love making comics with no dialogue. Count me in! 🙂

  12. I’m in. oh yeah, I’m in.

  13. Just finished, I tried something new and it turned out a bit on the pixelated side but, live and learn.
    It will go up Friday morning; here’s the link: (it will work on Friday)

  14. I’ll give this a shot. It’ll be a challenge I’m willing to take (and it will be a challenge). It’ll go live tomorrow (Thursday) since I’ve already scheduled something for Friday.

  15. Heck Yeah! I just finished mine. I can not wait to see what everybody came up with.

  16. Nope, no time for this tonight. Oh well. Good luck everyone!

  17. Justin and I are doing this! I like the idea.

  18. This looks like fun! I’ll try! 😀

  19. I’m not around a computer tommorrow, so here’s mine!
    Derek gets revenge:

  20. I plan of doing one tomorrow on my site. Especially since this week prohibited me from posting on my regular post days, (I’m feeling better now). I’d feel good getting at least one post this week.

  21. I’ve entered, too:

    Ok, it’s not a dialogue-free comic, but a dialogue-free comic-animation. But I have done those animations with dialogue, too. So I guess it counts, or doesn’t it?

    Heroic regards from Germany!
    Arne / ancire / thirtyseven

  22. Mine is up and done! Its three pages long (which isn’t noted here but thats cool), you just have to click the numbers just below the comic to go to those corresponding pages. A new feature in comicpress 2.9.1 that I’m beta testing…and its working pretty well!!

  23. Carl Huber’s Warehouse Webcomic serendipitousl qualified today, Friday 14 May:

  24. It’s not midnight yet so I technically finished the page today.

    Actually, it still needs to be colored, but everything else is done.

  25. Hey, even Blondie got into the spirit of the thing

  26. It’s not midnight in the US, so technically I posted on time as well.

  27. This was hard to do. Didn’t realize just how much I relied on words.

  28. i didn’t know anything about this until I went to Wes’s Max vs. Max, and ironically the next few strips are all dialouge free for the most part.

    I unintentionally took part and can’t wait to actively be apart of the movement next time! 😀

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